A PH foam soap is sprayed on the entire vehicle loosening dirt and grime. The foam help's prevent scratches and damage to the vehicles paint. All wheel wells are degreased and cleaned leaving you with a dirt grim free clean finish.

The vehicle is waxed by hand or machine your choice. We also offer a Poly Sealant for extra protection at an additional cost.

Using a clay bar will remove embedded surface contamination that still remains after a maintenance wash. Sometimes the contamination removed is not always visible on the paint to the naked eye. After using a clay bar on your paint you will be left with a surface that is as smooth as glass and properly prepped. It is now ready for polish or for you to apply layers of protection. Not only can you clay your vehicles paint, but glass, wheels, lights and more. A common misconception about using a clay bar is that it has an impact on removing swirls and scratches, it does not
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